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PTE lesson plans

Test-taking strategies for your students

Our series of free, ready-to-use lesson plans to help you teach PTE Academic effectively in the classroom.

These lesson plan ideas have been designed to provide specific test-taking strategies for each item type in PTE Academic. You can use them to develop lessons with a focus on strategies or integrate them into test preparation classes.

There are 20 lessons, each of which focuses on three strategies that your students can apply when responding to a particular PTE Academic item type. The series of lessons follows the order of the actual test, and each lesson takes a five-step approach to introducing and practicing the item type strategies:

  • Step 1 Introduces the item type and provides an example screenshot.

  • Step 2  Lists the three strategies for the item type.

  • Step 3  Provides a detailed explanation of each strategy and opportunities for students to practice them in guided individual, pair, or group activities.

  • Step 4  Students respond to an item simulating the test conditions, in which they will give their response within a time limit.

  • Step 5  Students compare their responses and discuss authentic sample responses and explanations.

After completing all lessons, students will have practiced all item types in PTE Academic using authentic test items.

Pick and choose from individual lesson types below, or download all to get started.

Download all lesson plans

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