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PTE Academic for teachers

PTE Academic for teachers

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What is PTE Academic?

PTE Academic is an English test for anyone who wishes to study or work abroad, or apply for a visa, and needs to prove their level of English proficiency.

Teachers around the world have enjoyed making the switch to PTE Academic preparation because it focuses on real-life academic skills, like skimming, scanning and note-taking – all of which are important for development in the classroom.

From November 16, PTE Academic will change. Find out everything you need to know and how to prepare.

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Building confidence in the classroom

You can help students prepare for their test with our comprehensive teaching resources, including the Teacher Preparation Pathway, the PTE Academic Teacher online course, online lesson plans, and more.

Get to know the test

Four-skills, three hours

We test a person's skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing over the course of a three-hour test.

Objective scoring

PTE Academic is machine-scored to give an accurate, objective picture of a test taker’s skills – and tests takers get their results within typically 48 hours.

Recognized globally

PTE Academic opens doors to 3,000 universities, colleges, and professional bodies, and is approved by the UK, Australian, and New Zealand governments.

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See our teaching resources at a glance

Our Teacher Preparation Pathway can help you to familiarize yourself with PTE Academic, learn the fundamentals, and prepare to teach our test in the classroom.

Download the Teacher Preparation Pathway

Be classroom-ready with the PTE Academic for Teachers course

Our free online course provides effective, practical training for busy teachers. We will equip you with the skills to prepare your learners for test day. Learn at your own pace and gain a Certificate of Completion. Enroll to start learning today!

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Find out more about our course, PTE Academic for Teachers

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Explore the Official Guide to PTE Academic

Our Official Guides provides a complete overview of everything teachers and test takers need to know to prepare with confidence. Get guidance on task types, prep strategies, and how to manage a computer-based test.

Explore our range of resources

Teaching and classroom resources

Get lesson plans, essay scoring guides, practice tests, and a wide range of resources to support you and your students in the classroom.

Lesson plans

Get lesson plan ideas with expert test-taking strategies for each item type, including a five-step approach to introducing and practicing authentic item types.

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