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Using automated scoring

We use automated scoring to mark PTE. Find out how it works below.

Using automated scoring

We use automated scoring to mark PTE. Find out how it works below.

Why automated scoring means a better test for you

We pioneered machine-scoring in English tests for studying abroad and immigration. Our sophisticated algorithms, based on hundreds of thousands of real test responses, mean that we can mark every single test accurately, consistently, and fairly.

No instructor

Automated scoring allows us to deliver tests on a computer, in a small, friendly test center environment. There's no need to take your test in front of an instructor.

Only one test

Because we measure your English skills on a computer, you only need to attend a single two-hour test, instead of two separate sessions.

We're faster

Automated scoring makes everything quicker: booking, getting your results, and sharing them with your choice of institution.

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Find out how PTE uses AI to mark each test

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How does automated scoring work?

Automated scoring is designed to match the way an expert examiner would mark your test, but on a global scale that provides consistent, fast results for every single test taker.

To achieve this, we ask examiners to score thousands of sample questions and we feed these results into our algorithm. To create an accurate automated scoring system takes vast amounts of data; in 2020 alone, we fed in over 678,000 examiner responses, and we add more every year.

So, when you take your test, your answers are not just reviewed by one examiner; instead, they are compared against millions of past responses and the combined knowledge of hundreds of examiners, to give you the most accurate, objective, consistent score possible.

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