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Improving PTE Academic

A shorter test, personalized feedback based on your test score, and the option of an at-home test from November 16, 2021

Improving PTE Academic

A shorter test, personalized feedback based on your test score, and the option of an at-home test from November 16, 2021

The next evolution of PTE Academic

PTE Academic is improving. From November 16, we will roll out three changes to ensure PTE Academic is the most convenient, stress-free English test available.

A shorter test

PTE Academic is reducing in length, from three hours to a more convenient two hours. We will test the same English skills, using the same question types, but with fewer questions.

Enhanced score report feedback

A new personalized 'skills profile'* alongside your PTE Academic score report will give additional feedback on your performance and provide suggestions for how to improve.

*More detail coming in October.

At-home English tests

Sit your English test any time, anywhere with PTE Academic Online – a secure version of our test that you can take on your home computer. Availability depends on your institution and country.


Shorter test, less stress

From November 16, PTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI tests will take just two hours to complete, instead of three hours. There are no changes to the overall format, question types or scoring scale; there will simply be fewer questions to answer. So you can prepare in the same way.

Most importantly, the test is still accepted by all the same universities and professional bodies – including 3,000+ academic institutions worldwide – and by the UK, Australia and New Zealand governments for visa and immigration purposes*.

Note: this change applies to PTE Academic, PTE Academic UKVI and PTE Academic Online. There are no changes to PTE Home.

*PTE Academic Online is not recognised for visa and immigration purposes.

What's changing?

Shorter test (from three hours to two hours) 

Fewer questions (from 70-82, to 52–64) 

No need for a break during the test 

What isn't changing?

The range of question types and difficulty level of the test

Results are still accepted by over 3,000 institutions

Your score requirements

Why are we changing our test length?

To make PTE Academic the most convenient choice for test takers.

PTE Academic launched more than 10 years ago and is now one of the world's leading tests of English language skills, thanks to our innovative approach.

Our goal is to continue to be the innovators in English language testing, by constantly reviewing and improving our testing practices.  

Through extensive testing, our research teams found that reducing the number of questions could improve the efficiency of PTE Academic with no impact on test scores or quality. This means PTE Academic will continue to provide a highly accurate and reliable indication of your English ability. 

Portrait of student learning online with headphones and laptop taking notes in notebook sitting at her desk at home - mixed race Asian Chinese model

Preparing for PTE Academic

You can prepare for the two-hour test in the same way you would for the three-hour test.

All of the question types are the same, so you can use all of the resources available on our preparation pages.

If you choose to take a scored practice test, remember that you won't have to take as many questions as you see currently (but it's worth practicing them anyway!). New two-hour versions of our practice tests will be available from October 27.