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PTE accepted by the University of Oxford

Test takers applying to The University of Oxford can now take PTE to help them get there. 

All 45 of Oxford’s colleges accept PTE Academic as one of their approved English language tests for applicants to their undergraduate programs. 

Freya Thomas Monk, Senior Vice President of English Assessment, Pearson said: “PTE is recognized across the globe as one of the leading English language tests and our acceptance by The University of Oxford is further proof of this. 

“With average score returns of 1.5 days, no limit on the number of institutions scores can be shared with, online booking and year-round availability, PTE is the fast and flexible choice to apply to universities and colleges across the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the USA. 

“Another benefit of PTE is that it is also accepted by the UK Government as a Secure English Language Test for Visa & Immigration purposes, meaning people can take it to study, live or work in the UK.”  

Click here to book a PTE test.  

PTE is accepted by the UK, Australia, and New Zealand for Visa & Immigration purposes, as well as by 100% of Australian and New Zealand universities, 99% of UK universities, and thousands of academic programs across the USA and Canada.