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PTE guide for institutions

Find out why PTE is trusted for verifying English language proficiency by universities, colleges, and professional bodies worldwide.

PTE guide for institutions

Find out why PTE is trusted for verifying English language proficiency by universities, colleges, and professional bodies worldwide.

Fast, convenient testing for every applicant

PTE Academic is designed to give institutions greater confidence in their applicants' English skills. Since our launch in 2009, PTE has become the byword for fast, accurate, secure English testing. Trusted by governments and institutions worldwide.

From November 16, PTE Academic will change. Find out everything you need to know and how to prepare.

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Learn how PTE Academic uses AI to mark tests

Accurate, objective scoring

We use machine learning to score every PTE Academic test. Our scoring algorithms are trained on sample marks from expert examiners for more than 10,000 students with 126 native languages, and are extensively tested.

The result is fast, highly accurate, and consistent scoring for every test taker – and a reliable indicator for institutions of their prospective students' English proficiency.

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The PTE difference

Find out why PTE Academic is already trusted by thousands of academic programs around the world.

Founded on academic research

We created PTE Academic after years of research by some of the world’s leading experts in language assessment. Our advisory group includes language assessment experts who have helped to rethink the way we assess English: they created the Global Scale of English, which builds upon the Common European Framework and helps to show greater levels of progression for English learners.

Our ongoing research

Objective English measurement

Assessment is not the same as judgment. We believe PTE Academic is the most objective test of academic English in the world. It doesn’t matter where your students come from or what they look like, PTE Academic’s computer algorithms use AI to only test their English skills. So you can be sure that every test taker is treated with complete fairness, and that you are not missing out on students because of unreliable test scores.

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Pinpoint accuracy

The purpose of assessment is to precisely capture a test taker’s true level of ability. Thanks to our market-leading AI technology, we believe PTE Academic is the most accurate test of academic English in the world. We demonstrate the accuracy of our tests through a lower standard error of measurement and the precision of our scores.

Download our AI factsheet

Relevant for academic study

PTE Academic assesses English language skills in more ways than any other test. This means that students will be more likely to cope with the wide variety of tasks expected of them at your institution. PTE Academic students are required to prove their ability to effectively communicate in English, not their ability to memorize.

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Layered approach to security

We believe in fair and reliable English assessment, so we know it’s crucial that you have confidence in the English scores you receive. PTE Academic employs a layered approach to security, incorporating innovative test design and delivery, advanced identity management, secure proctored delivery, automatic results validation, and data forensics.

Download security factsheet (PDF)


Securely verify candidate scores online

Institutions can now quickly and securely access their candidates' scores through our Score Report Website (SRW). Each score can be verified with a unique 10-digit Score Report Code and Candidate Registration ID. You can also manage your institution’s profile here too.

Download SRW guide (PDF)



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