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The truth about PTE Academic scoring

PTE Scores – Let’s give you the facts you need and bust the myths you don’t


In December 2020 we published a Concordance Report which updated how PTE scores align with IELTS bands. Lots of you had questions about this report and whether it would affect your test scores.

Below we answer some of your top questions:

Are PTE tests getting harder?

No, PTE test are not getting harder. We released a report showing that, based on the data, the way IELTS & PTE scores relate to each other has changed but there have been no changes to the construct and scoring of PTE Academic.

Does the PTE Concordance report impact my test scores?

No, there have been no changes to the construct and scoring of PTE Academic as a result of the Concordance report. Your test results remain valid. We are not aware of any universities, professional bodies or governments changing their scores. If any universities, professional bodies such as Nursing, or the Australian, New Zealand or UK governments decide to review their PTE Academic score requirements and make changes, we expect this change would happen over a period of months and years and that a notice period would be given if score requirements change. Therefore, everyone would be made aware and could then prepare accordingly.

Is PTE approved for UK, Australia, New Zealand visas?

Yes PTE is accepted by the Australian, New Zealand and UK governments for study and migration. There has been no change to the Australian, New Zealand, or UK government score requirements for visas.

How many universities and professional bodies accept PTE?

PTE is accepted worldwide by thousands of universities, as well as many professional bodies covering sectors such as nursing and engineering. In fact, every year increasing numbers of institutions are recognizing PTE as a secure English Language test. For a full list of institutions, check out the website here.

Why has the PTE concordance with IELTS changed?

We released a report in 2020 showing that how the PTE scores align with IELTS scores has changed. However, your scores have not changed, and the minimum scores for visa and university programs have not changed either. Like other test providers in the market, we undertake regular reviews and research. These reviews help understand how different test scores relate to each other, to ensure we remain a trusted test.

Updated PTE vs IELTS concordance studies: What does this mean for organizations that accept the tests?

Our research is produced to allow Governments, Universities, and professional bodies to see how we have updated our score ranges against IELTS bands. It does not require them to make any changes or to take any action regarding your PTE test scores.

Why is PTE Academic the preferred English language test?

PTE Academic is the preferred English language test, as it offers all our test takers incredible flexibility, Test takers can schedule tests up to 24 hours in advance, 365 days a year. Which makes it the most convenient test to choose from. Results are typically available within just 48 hours of taking the test. For test takers applying to universities, PTE proudly gives all test takers the freedom to send their scores to as many organizations as they like, without an additional fee. This freedom gives you an even greater opportunity to achieve your dreams.

How does PTE make it easy to prepare with a wide range of tools?

We have plenty of resources available to our test takers, you can utilize the growing range of free and paid preparation materials available from PTE Academic to help prepare you for the test. Learn how to prepare for the test here.

We hope that this has answered your questions around PTE scoring. PTE Academic remains the most accurate and reliable English test, with the quickest turnaround of score results.

If you are a test taker and require more information, please contact our support team via the Contact Us page. 

If you are an institution and require more information, please contact us here.

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