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Why native English speakers don’t always get a perfect score

Being an experienced English speaker does not guarantee you a high score

It can come as a surprise to test takers, who consider themselves to be fluent in English, that they can score less well in an English test than they expect.

Dr. Alistair Van Moere, a member of Pearson’s Technical Advisory Group, explains that it’s not unusual for people who have recently learned English to score higher than those that have spoken English for a long time. This happens on all high-stakes tests, not just on PTE Academic, as native speakers are often not prepared to do the test. PTE Academic contains question types that a native speaker may not have done for a long time, for example, writing an essay.

This is why all test takers, including native English speakers, should prepare before test day.


Preparation is the key to success

To prepare for PTE Academic every test taker should:

  • Complete the online free to give yourself the best chance of performing well on the day. Here you will see the 20 question types found in PTE Academic and understand how to do them

  • Discover the official coursebooks

  • Find a face-to-face class in your area

  • Take an online course from E2Language, our trusted online test preparation partner

  • Take a where you can test your skills and find out if you are ready for the test