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Moving checklist for Australia

Australia is a multicultural society that is home to many international students and workers. With a laidback lifestyle, fresh air, and beautiful scenery, it is a great place to work and study.

Before moving to Australia for work or study, you’ll need to consider your visa, living arrangements, and general living in Australia.

  • Organize the correct visa you need to enter Australia

  • Find somewhere to live

  • Organize health insurance before you arrive

  • Explore the tourist destinations and what the country has to offer

Moving to Australia to study

Australia is a popular destination for international students with close to 900,000 international students across the country. In Australia,you can apply directly to your chosen universities.

The most important part to gaining entry to the country to study is to apply for a student visa with all the right information. You can find out more about student visas, pricing, and what you need to apply here.

Moving to Australia to Work

Some visa applications in Australia will require you to have a sponsor. Depending on your career type and industry, there are different visas required.

You can, for example, come to Australia on a skilled independent visa, depending on where you are moving from, which does not require you to have a sponsor but allows you to work in Australia if you meet the relevant skilled occupation list or you can get a working holiday visa that allows you to work in the country for a maximum period of 12 months.

You can visit the Home Affairs visa finder to find the exact visa you need to move to Australia to work.

To find jobs in Australia, you can look at websites such as SeekCareer One, or even look on LinkedIn.


Whilst Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, unfortunately, it does not cover most people here on international working or student visas. Therefore, you must get private health insurance to cover you and will need to prove this before your visa is granted.

For more information on healthcare options and requirements for international visa holders, you can visit the Home Affairs website.

Please note, this is not migration advice. For information on your specific needs please contact the relevant government department of the country you wish to migrate to.