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From Qatar to Tasmania: Amr’s PTE Academic Journey

Amr Saeed Mohamed Ali Ibrahim is a qualified mechanical engineer living in Qatar. Despite a challenging 2020, he and his wife, a dermatologist, have remained focused on their goal to emigrate to Australia with their three children.

While plans are not yet set in stone, they will probably begin in Tasmania (an island in the south of the country), where they will embrace career opportunities and build a new life together.

PTE Academic helped Amr prove his level of English proficiency for his Australian visa application. Here is his story.

A dream of a life far away 

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania, Australia 

Australia offers countless opportunities for skilled workers like Amr and his wife. 

They are excited to be able to contribute to the local community and economy and to see their family thrive.  

Currently, Amr is still in Qatar, waiting for the borders to reopen, after the pandemic restrictions have been lifted.

Until then, he is preparing himself by studying English and ensuring he fulfills all the requirements for the skilled occupation visa.  

“I want to settle in Australia permanently, working as a professional mechanical engineer,” he says.

“I’m looking forward to working and living in a stable country, and I want to afford my family a safe environment with health care and work opportunities.” 

Overcoming obstacles 

Amr faltered in his first attempts to pass his IELTS exams because he could not quite achieve the score he needed in writing:  “You have to be like Shakespeare to get a high score in IELTS writing!”  

However, once he heard that PTE Academic was also recognized by the Australian authorities for visa applications, he decided to study for the exam.

“So I went for PTE  Academic in July and started dedicated study for four months. I prepared myself very well.“ 

As an engineer, Amr is very methodological in his approach. ”I had a daily, weekly, and monthly plan. I needed to understand the test marking criteria because I have these problems in other exams without knowing the test, they’re hard to pass.” 

He worked on his fluency, pronunciation, and other key skills. 

“I just started to speak as much as I can and focused on what I knew I should improve; solving questions, repetition, and training myself.” 

New Adventures and a bright future  

Once he felt ready, Amr booked his test online and was happy to see that there was a test center nearby in Doha.  

“We had difficulties taking PTE in Qatar in the past because we didn’t have a test center. People had to travel to Turkey, UAE, or Egypt. But after opening this center, it’s easy for us. So I took the decision to take the PTE in Doha, because obviously at the moment, with the borders closed, I don’t have the ability to travel to take an exam.” 

And how quickly did he get his results?

“I got my results, very, very quickly. I finished my exam at 8 pm. I went home very tired and went to bed. When I woke up at 5 am, I saw the results had come in at 1 am!” 

Did Amr get the score he needed? 

“I got the score I needed, the first time. Honestly, I didn’t believe it. I got 79 in listening! I did well in the other sections too, but I really didn’t expect it. I said to my friends this is all good news for me!” 

What advice would Amr give to other future test takers?

“I think a message for any candidate is that you can do it yourself, but you have to understand the criteria, the question types, and what the different parts of the exam expect from you.”

As Amr and his family wait for the borders to reopen we wish them all the best for the future.