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For Kent Cantos, PTE Academic helped show his goal of moving abroad was attainable

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Kent Cantos is an aeronautical engineer based in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. He’s worked in the aviation industry for four years, but now has big plans to move to Australia. 

After chatting to Kent, we’ll discover what’s inspiring him to move down under and how PTE Academic helped him get one step closer to his goal.  

A future in Australia 

There are more than 7.5 million migrants living in Australia – in fact, almost 30% of the country’s population was born abroad. Now, Kent wants to move to Australia as well. “I took the PTE exam because I have the long-term goal to be a skilled migrant in Australia,” he said. “I believe I can have a better life down there.”  

And for Kent taking PTE Academic and proving he was competent in English was the first step toward achieving his dream.  

This won’t be the first time he’s going to Australia, either. Kent wants to join his family in the country, and he’s already visited them a few times close to Sydney. “Hopefully travel restrictions will be lifted soon so I can visit them again,” he said.  

Preparation and nerves  

The Philippines is an English-speaking country; while Filipino is the national language, English is used in business and widely spoken.

“Growing up, I’ve been exposed to people speaking English. It’s also taught in school. Most of our subjects are taught in English. So it’s been practically part of my whole life,” said Kent.

“But for the PTE exam, it did not guarantee my expertise towards the technicalities of the language. So before taking the exam, it was necessary for me to prepare, regardless of my background in the language.”

Since Kent took PTE for migration purposes, getting a high score was important – especially for Australia’s point-based immigration system. He needed to score at least a 79. So, he took preparation seriously.

“I actually had three approaches. I enrolled myself in a review center where…I was refreshed with sentence construction and proper grammar. I also ensured that while waiting for my examination date, I had at least one hour of every day, doing some practice questions,” said Kent.  

He also purchased three sets of Scored Practice Tests and took one every week before his exam date. So, did he feel prepared for the exam day? Not really, said Kent. He didn’t do as well on the Scored Practice Tests as he hoped.

“I felt really nervous at the start of the exam because I was eyeing a score of 79, and knowing that the mock test revealed a score of 74, I felt like I should do better than how I did. I felt like my practice tests were not enough,” said Kent.

“So I had to be careful with every part of the test. I just told myself to be calm, because I know that being calm plays a big role in taking the exam properly.” 

“On the test day itself, you have to be calm, you have to be confident, and you have to just do your best.” 

PTE results in just one hour after the exam 

Luckily, Kent didn’t have to wait long to find out if he’d passed. When he was driving home from the test center, he got an email from PTE. His Score Report!  

“I got the results one hour after the exam, I was expecting that it would arrive at least within five days,” said Kent. “I was surprised that it was delivered very fast.” 

So, Kent parked by the side of the road and opened his email. He got a total score of 88. That’s way above the 79 he needed for his skilled visa. Amazing job Kent! All that hard work paid off.  

“My advice that I could share, at least from experience, is that you really have to prepare based on the score that you are aiming for. On the test day itself, you have to be calm, you have to be confident, and you have to just do your best.” 

A clear picture of how he wants to achieve his goals  

2020 was a difficult year for everyone. But with more extra time to think, Kent understood how he really wanted to move forward with his life.

“I pushed myself to start the process of joining my relatives in Australia. And the first step was taking the PTE exam,” said Kent. “Despite the negative things that are happening around the world, somehow PTE has helped me..feel hopeful that this goal can be real, or this goal can be attainable in the future.”