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4 tools to help you get a great score in PTE academic

Do you dream of studying abroad?

If so, you’ll likely need to take an official language exam to prove your level of English. At PTE Academic our English test is recognized by governments and higher education institutions around the world.     And to help you get the best score possible we’ll outline how to start preparing for the PTE Academic exam.  

PTE Academic: preparing for the new shorter test 

PTE Academic assesses your listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills. Previously the test lasted three hours, however, from November 16, 2021, PTE Academic will take just two hours to complete. This is to give you a shorter, more convenient, and less stressful test experience.  

If you plan to take the exam after November 16 and have already started preparing – there's nothing to worry about. All the task types will remain the same. We’ve just reduced the number of questions in each part.  

Keep reading to discover 5 useful tools and resources to help you prepare for PTE Academic,  including PTE practice tests that feature retired PTE Academic exam questions.  

1. Take a scored practice test 

We always recommend taking an Official PTE Academic Scored Practice Test. These, recently updated tests include questions and content used in past tests, and follow the exact same timing and format as a real PTE Academic exam.  

Better yet, they’re scored. After completing the practice test, you get a Score Report delivered to you the next day - helping you understand what areas you need to improve on for exam day.  

You can choose from four different versions of the practice test, and each costs $35.99 USD.  

The Scored Practice Tests are also available in our preparations packages. Depending on what package you choose, you’ll get access to 300 sample questions, The Official Guide to PTE Academic, and English booster - a digital application with hundreds of study activities and practice questions to prepare for PTE Academic.  

Find out more about our official test packages.  

2. Download the PTE Academic Official Practice App  

The PTE Academic Official Practice App is great for students who want to study on the go. The app includes lots of different interactive practice activities and gives you instant feedback on each answer. 

What’s more, the practice app creates a personalized study planner for you. This sends you daily suggestions for topics to study right up until your online English test - making sure you don’t miss anything important. 

The free practice app also provides detailed information on the exam format, exam procedure, and scoring. And, it includes useful “how to guides” - which give tips on things like reading speed and difficult vocab - to help you get the best score.  

Download the app now on the App Store or Google Play

3. Register for a free online courses 

Do you learn better in a more structured environment? We also offer a range of free online courses to prepare for PTE Academic. These include:  

  • One month free access to E2Language to prepare for PTE Academic, and the option to sign up for different paid preparation classes - including live classes, tutorials, and writing and speaking assessment.  

  • A free 6-hour course to practice your PTE Academic speaking skills, in partnership with Macquarie University in Australia.  

There are also dozens of exam preparations centers around the world to help you get ready to take the test. You can see the full list here. 

4. Read Our handbook and Score Guide  

Finally, don’t forget to download our free PTE Academic Handbook and Score Guide.  

The handbook covers everything you need to know about taking PTE Academic - from how to prepare and test day policies, to how to retake your test if necessary.  

And, the PTE Score Guide helps you understand things like what you’re graded on, how automated scores work, and how our scores compare with those of other English language tests.  

Read more about preparing for test day.  

Ready to achieve your dreams?  

PTE is more than an English language test. It’s your ticket to studying abroad.  

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