Ready to Read More 

This is the third book in a three-level series designed to develop reading and vocabulary building skills. Activities encourage reading with a purpose and include completion of charts, graphs, and outlines. The main focus is on essential aspects of reading, such as identifying the topic and main ideas, distinguishing main points from supporting details, recognizing the structure of texts, previewing and predicting, recognizing sequences, making inferences, and building strong vocabulary. Each chapter identifies one main skill and incorporates explicit instructions and extensive practice to help students understand that particular skill. Follow-up activities include writing summaries and group discussions of what students have read.

An Answer Key Booklet and a Test Booklet are also available. The series can be used by teachers to supplement any general English course or by students for self-study.

Karen Blanchard, Christine Root
Pearson Longman 2006

Written in US English  Pre Intermediate B2